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If you are trying to sell your property fast in Colchester, Sell Your House Fast Group can help. We have a range of different options that can help you sell your property quickly and efficiently. 

Option 1

Direct Purchase - 30 Days

We can buy your property directly in as little as 30 days, if it meets our buying criteria.

Option 2

Auction Sale - 30 Days

We can help you sell your property via a property auction, in as little as 30 days.

Auction properties can sell up to 100% of the market value and can even sell over the market value in some cases.

Option 3

Estate Agent Sale - 60 Days

We can help you sell your property fast through our fast sale estate agency service. You will achieve the maximum price and can sell in as little as 60 days.

Proactive marketing of your property to our large network of UK buyers and property investors.

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Choose the option and offer that suits you best and accept your offer.


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We will agree a completion date that suits you. You can sell in as little as 30 days or later if you prefer. Receive the money directly to your bank account.

We Buy Property In Any Condition. No Need To Worry About Repairs, Cleaning or Location

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The Property Market In Colchester

Colchester is a historic town located in the county of Essex in England. It is situated in the eastern part of the country, approximately 51 miles northeast of London.

Here’s some information about Colchester:

1. History: Colchester is widely known as Britain’s oldest recorded town. It was originally founded by the Romans in 43 AD and served as the capital of Roman Britain. The town’s rich history is reflected in its well-preserved Roman walls, the largest example of their kind in Britain. Colchester Castle, a Norman castle built on the foundations of the Roman Temple of Claudius, is another iconic historical landmark.

2. Location and Accessibility: Colchester is strategically located with excellent transport links. It is well-connected by road and rail, with direct train services to London Liverpool Street Station and other major cities. The town is situated close to the coast and is within reach of the Dedham Vale Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Constable Country.

3. Cultural Heritage: Colchester has a vibrant cultural scene with numerous museums, galleries, and theaters. The Hollytrees Museum provides insights into local history and lifestyle, while the Firstsite gallery showcases contemporary art exhibitions. The Mercury Theatre offers a diverse program of plays, musicals, and performances.

4. Education: Colchester is home to the University of Essex, which is renowned for its research and teaching in various fields. The university attracts students from around the world and contributes to the town’s academic and cultural environment.

5. Shopping and Leisure: Colchester offers a range of shopping experiences. The town center features a mix of independent boutiques, high street stores, and shopping malls such as Culver Square and Lion Walk. The town also hosts regular markets, including the Colchester Market, which has been operating since the 12th century. Colchester Zoo, located on the outskirts of the town, is a popular attraction for families and wildlife enthusiasts.

6. Green Spaces and Recreation: Colchester is surrounded by beautiful countryside and offers several parks and recreational areas. Castle Park, located in the heart of the town, is a large public park with gardens, riverside walks, and the remains of Colchester Castle. High Woods Country Park, located on the outskirts of Colchester, provides opportunities for outdoor activities such as walking, cycling, and picnicking.

7. Events and Festivals: Colchester hosts various events and festivals throughout the year. The Colchester Food and Drink Festival, held annually, celebrates local produce and culinary delights. The Colchester Carnival, Colchester Pride, and the Colchester Film Festival are other notable events that showcase the town’s diversity and community spirit.

Colchester’s rich history, cultural heritage, and convenient location make it an attractive place to live, visit, and explore. Its blend of ancient Roman heritage, modern amenities, and natural surroundings provide a unique and engaging experience for residents and visitors alike.

Are you facing any of these situations in Colchester:

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Once you’ve submitted the property details, we will call you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements. After this, we will provide you with a Free Valuation and Offer. You can sell in 30 days and we provide £1000 cash back on completion, with our direct purchase.

Which Areas Do We Buy In Colchester

Colchester is a historic town in Essex, England, and while it does not have traditional towns within its boundaries, there are several notable areas and districts within Colchester that contribute to its character and offer distinct communities.

Here are some major towns or districts in Colchester:

1. Colchester Town Centre: The town center of Colchester is the heart of the city, known for its historic charm and bustling atmosphere. It is home to landmarks such as Colchester Castle, Colchester Town Hall, and St. Peter’s Church. The town center features a mix of independent shops, high street retailers, restaurants, cafes, and cultural attractions, making it a vibrant destination for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

2. Hythe: Located on the eastern side of the River Colne, the Hythe area of Colchester is known for its maritime heritage and connections to the town’s port history. It features Hythe Quay, a picturesque waterfront area with moored boats, traditional pubs, and waterfront restaurants. The Hythe also offers residential areas, local shops, and amenities.

3. Lexden: Lexden is an area located to the west of Colchester Town Centre. It is known for its leafy streets, historic buildings, and attractive residential properties. Lexden is home to some of Colchester’s oldest and most prestigious houses, and it features the picturesque Lexden Park.

4. Greenstead: Greenstead is an area in the northeast of Colchester, known for its large residential estate. It is one of the largest council estates in the country and provides housing for a significant portion of the town’s population. Greenstead is home to a range of amenities, including shops, schools, and community facilities.

5. Wivenhoe: While not directly part of Colchester, the nearby town of Wivenhoe is often associated with Colchester due to its close proximity and strong links. Wivenhoe is a picturesque town located on the banks of the River Colne. It is known for its charming waterfront, historic buildings, independent shops, and art scene. Wivenhoe is home to the University of Essex’s Wivenhoe Park campus, which adds a vibrant student presence to the town.

These major towns and areas within Colchester offer a range of amenities, residential options, and distinct communities. Each area contributes to the overall character and diversity of Colchester, providing residents and visitors with different experiences, architectural styles, and community atmospheres.

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What our customers say

Christine Clark - Sell Your House Fast

Christine Clark

“Very good communication. The deal went through quickly and efficiently. Very professional in every way…”
Very good communication. The deal went through quickly and efficiently. Very professional in every way they handled the sale. Would recommend them!
George Matthews - Sell Your House Fast

George Matthews


“My property had been on the market for a long time…..”

My property had been on the market for a long time and I really wanted a fast sale to free up the money so I contacted the Sell House Fast team. After a helpful and friendly phone conversation, I decided to go ahead and sell my property with them, it was easy and so quick. I would definitely recommend using them to my family and friends.

Sell Your House Fast - Edward Renardson

Edward Renardson


“I had contacted many cash buyers until I came across Sell House Fast Group…”

I had contacted many cash buyers until I came across Sell House Fast Group, I found that they had by far the best customer service and really sounded like they knew what they were talking about which gave me the confidence to go ahead and sell my property to them.


Yes! We buy properties in any condition, even if they are very distressed and in need of a lot of repairs.

We will call you within 24 hours of your details being submitted to understand your requirements and provide you with your Free Valuation.
If your property meets our purchasing requirements, we will then proceed to make a cash offer to you, based on your requirements.

There are no fees to pay. There are no Estate Agent fees with our service and we pay your solicitor fees when you use our preferred solicitors.

Yes the Property Valuation is 100% free and you are under no obligation. We will call you to understand your requirements, the condition of the property and gather information necessary to complete the valuation. We do not need to visit the property, as all our valuations are completed remotely. 

We buy properties in any condition and any location across the UK and Scotland.

We can buy your property in as little as 30 days. If you need more time, that is no problem, we can work with you on your timelines.

You will receive the money to your bank account the same day that we complete the sale. The money will be paid directly to you on the day of completion by your solicitor.

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