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Housing Association Buying My House with a Deep Network of Relationships

How to Sell a House at Auction
Selling your home is a significant decision, as it involves a lot of careful consideration, financial planning, and emotional investments. The worst-case scenario for you as a homeowner looking to sell your house is that it remains unsold and ending up as an expired property listing. Your home may not be selling due to hundreds of reasons, some of which are more frequent than others, like pricing your property unreasonably high compared to the neighborhood. 

This will result in putting off the potential buyers, or attracting the wrong investors who have no plans to make an offer, as they just want to know why the property is so expensive. So, pricing your house fairly is crucial to avoid slipping into this mistake. Get a variety of estimates, don’t choose the lowest or highest price, choose a price point that lies in the middle, that’s the sweet spot.  
If you are one of those homeowners in the UK who are facing difficulties in selling their homes, such as the buyer pulling out, insulting low offers from cash buyers, and being overwhelmed with the hassles of dealing with property market agents, Sell House Fast Group can help you with this endeavours. We are among the UK’s top housing associations and have helped unlock home sale success for numerous homeowners. As a trusted housing association buying my home service provider for UK homeowners, our clients benefit from our deep network of relationships and a broad spectrum of opportunities.  

Selling Property through Regulated Auctions   

Most homeowners looking to sell their property in the UK find it challenging to list their property for sale, find the right buyer that will offer a cash price, and get the proceeds of sale within a short timeframe. As a trusted and vetted housing association buying my house service provider, we help home sellers in the UK with our innovative strategies. We eliminate countless stresses and strains of an open market property market agency and buy houses directly from the sellers. For home sellers for whom price is more important than speed, we run regulated auctions and express home selling services. We buy a house as-is for cash, and even work with landlords and investors selling tenanted properties. Sell House Fast Group ensures that the price remains firm and does not drop during the final stages. 

Get up to 100% of market value in cash


We buy your residential and commercial property fast in any condition and offer up to 100% of your property’s market value. You will receive your cash offer within 24 hours, and sales completion in as little as 30 days. We also offer £1000 cashback on completion of a direct purchase from Sell House Fast Group. To help you with your housing association buying my home journey, we help homeowners sell their property for up to 100% of the market value, in as little as 30 days. You will save money on auction fees. You can also sell your property through our Sell House Fast Group, for 100% of the market value, in as little as 60 days. You will receive free valuation and advice, free professional photography and video, and listing on all major property portals.   

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