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How to Report an Empty Home - Youspotproperty

How to Report an Empty Home - Youspotproperty
How to Report an Empty Home – Youspotproperty, According to Youspotproperty, there are over 800,000 empty houses in the UK. Although this looks a lot on paper, 65% of the houses are temporarily vacant. So, this leaves about 200,000 empty homes in England, 26,500 in Wales, and 34,000 in Scotland.
The UK government states that there is a need for over 250,000 more houses to manage the housing crisis. Youspotproperty reports that empty houses can lead to a wide range of complications. For instance, it can lead to dampness and pests.
Empty homes can also attract squatting, arson, vandalism, and other anti-social behaviors. Not only does this reduce the value of homes in the neighborhood, but it also becomes challenging for people to spot and report empty houses in the street.
An empty home looks abandoned with deteriorated paintwork, overgrown shrubs, and trees, giving an experience of a ghost house. Besides, vacant properties deteriorate quickly than occupied homes and decrease the value of properties in the neighborhood.
Therefore, the owner of an empty home must follow the Law and keep the house to a minimum standard. The purpose is to ensure the property is safe, secure, and free from hazards, including structural damages caused by pests. Read on!


Reasons Homes Become Empty – (Youspotproperty)

According to UK law, an empty home is a residential property left vacant or unoccupied for at least six months. There are numerous reasons why people leave their homes empty for a long time. Most often, the reasons are complex and involve legal and financial disputes.
Sometimes, owners in London do not have funds available to maintain their houses or bring them up to a habitable standard. Some of the most common reasons encountered in London, according to Youspotproperty, are:


  • A home is inherited, and the new owner has no idea what to do with it
  • The owner performs improvement projects but runs out of money
  • The owners works in another city or country and occasionally visits London
  • The owner suffers from mental illness and lives in a nursing home
Many owners want to bring their properties back into use, but they don’t have enough resources to get the job done. On the other hand, some owners do not plan to bring their houses back into use.
That’s why they leave the property in its existing condition. As a result, the property experiences structural damages due to lack of maintenance and affects people’s overall living standard in adjacent homes.


Disadvantages of Leaving An Empty Home  – (Youspotproperty)

There are numerous disadvantages of leaving an empty home. For example, vacant homes attract vandalism, arson, and other anti-social behaviors. Besides, an empty house also attracts illegal squatting.
That’s why Youspotproperty encourages Londoners to spot and report an empty property. According to Youspotproperty research, vacant homes can reduce the value of neighboring houses by 10%.
So, this is a massive problem for people living in areas with an increasing number of empty houses. Another disadvantage of a vacant home is that it can cause structural damages to the adjacent properties.
Not only do empty homes are prone to damage, but they also become victims of disrepairs, leading to depreciated values.
Youspotproperty experts say that empty or vacant properties are wasted assets that can cost homeowners a lot of money.
Moreover, local authorities may take enforcement actions. The purpose is to ensure the empty homes are reoccupied. Owners can lose their vacant homes through demolition or enforced sales. Therefore, it is crucial to report an empty house.


What Does The Law Say? – (Youspotproperty)

Many people ask: Does keeping my house empty illegal? The quick answer is “No.” It is not illegal to keep a home vacant. However, doing so has other harsh consequences. For instance, keeping a house empty will cause the owner to make efforts and spend money to ensure the property remains secure during the vacancy.
According to UK law, homeowners must take care of their empty properties and keep them vacant for a specific period. An empty for a long time will experience structural damages, requiring the local council to take action and initiate enforced selling. Therefore, the owner of an empty house must maintain the property and ensure everything is in good working order.
If a person lives in another city and has an empty home in London, Law requires the homeowner to invest in property maintenance. The purpose is to prevent the property from becoming vulnerable or damaged. Likewise, the property can fall into disrepair and becomes an easy target for criminals. Therefore, the Law requires a homeowner to:
  • Arrange proper insurance
  • Invest in garden maintenance
  • Perform regular inspections
  • Repair any damages
  • Keep in touch with a neighbor
  • Tackle emergencies
If the owner of an empty home fails to take care of the property, the local council will deal with these problems by giving the homeowner advice and assistance. That way, the owner can bring the house back into use.
However, in some situations, homeowners do not focus on the local council’s advice and assistance. correspondingly, the property remains empty and resulting in damages. It also attracts anti-social behavior, crime, and vandalism.
In these situations, Youspotproperty offers people an opportunity to spot an empty home and report it to the company. Youspotproperty will find the owner and discuss their concerns to ensure the property is back into use.


What Do Authorities Do About An Empty Home? – (Youspotproperty)

The local council deals with empty homes in various ways. The council has a dedicated team of professionals who search for vacant homes. Remember, the primary target of the council is to spot long-term empty homes.
The team finds the owner and encourages them to turn the empty house into a living space. Sometimes, the council takes enforcement actions against owners of empty homes who continue to leave their houses vacant.
Besides, an empty property is directly proportional to deteriorated health and wellbeing of people living in adjacent homes. It is due to the rubbish, pests, and other problems. The council makes substantial efforts to:
  • Work with owners to empty homes to fix the problem
  • Serve notice on owners whose empty houses cause a statutory public nuisance
  • Enforce actions when an owner refuses to follow the Law
  • Give advice and assistance to owners of vacant homes
  • Provide financial aid to owners for repairs and maintenance
How to Report an Empty Home - Youspotproperty

Does The Empty Home Affect Your Property? – (Youspotproperty)

Sell House Fast Group is a reputable company with many years of experience in finding and purchasing empty homes. If your house suffers from a physical issue, such as dry rot or dampness due to disrepairs of an adjacent vacant home, in that case, you can report the property to Sell House Fast Group.
Besides, the Environmental Protection Act of 1990 offers a sophisticated solution, allowing people to act as a private nuisance. It means you can take civil action against the owner of an empty home if the vacant property physically affects your house.
For example, the Law allows you to take legal action against the owner if the rubbish piled in the empty property affects you and your family’s well-being. So, if the living conditions are not up to the mark due to a vacant property, you can take legal action or call Youspotproperty.
The company will contact the homeowner and offer to purchase their home. If the owner agrees, Youspotproperty will pay you a reward or a gift voucher. Therefore, it is better to report the empty property to our company instead of legal action against the owner. That way, you can earn a reward and prevent the costs of hiring an attorney.


How Does Sell House Fast Group Work? (How To Report An Empty Home – Youspotproperty)

Sell House Fast Group is a professional company in London. The company aims to rescue empty homes and turn them back into use. The company’s mission is to play a substantial role in mitigating the harmful effects of housing crises on the UK’s economy.
Sell House Fast Group has years of experience in the housing market, particularly in empty homes. The company has a team of experienced researchers who search for owners of vacant or abandoned houses.
People leave their homes empty for a wide range of reasons. For instance, the owner lives in another city or country because they have a job. Likewise, some people do not want to sell their homes because they are emotionally attached to them.
On the other hand, some owners do not repair or perform home improvement projects because they don’t have enough money to get the job done. Consequently, they leave their homes empty.
Whatever are their intentions, empty homes are a disaster for the housing market and neighborhoods, leading to reduced values of adjacent homes. For instance, if your home is next to an empty house and you want to sell your property, you may not attract high-paying buyers.
So, this is where Sell House Fast Group, comes into play. The company gives cash offers to homeowners to buy their property. The good news is that the owner can sell the property in its existing condition.
Some homeowners do not want to sell their empty homes. However, it is the responsibility of people living in the neighborhood to report the property to concerned authorities or companies like Youspotproperty.


Professional Team

The company’s professional team will discuss the issue with the owner and give cash offers to purchase their house. If the owner agrees, the company will buy the property and reward the person who has reported the empty house.
So, this is how Sell House Fast Group works. The company plays a crucial role in increasing the value of neighboring homes by putting back the empty houses to use. Not only does this reduce the risk of anti-social behavior and vandalism, but it also makes the entire neighborhood secure.


Why Report Empty Homes? – (Youspotproperty)

Reporting an empty home is the best solution to the housing crisis in the UK. Most empty homes create a buyer’s market, allowing people to purchase properties at an affordable price. Companies like Youspotproperty purchase empty homes in their existing condition.
The company invests in the property, performs repairs and renovations to ensure the house is ready for resale. More empty homes create a buyer’s market and cheaper housing for residents. From housing crises perspectives, the more vacant homes in London, the more it is easy to resolve issues with housing.
Even when a home is empty, it plays a crucial role in the housing market. Most empty homes attract investors and local landlords who purchase properties, renovate them, and resale them for an affordable price.
That’s the reason you should report an empty home to the local council or Sell House Fast Group. As a result, you will earn a cash reward or gift voucher when the company purchases the vacant house. Moreover, more empty houses mean more homes.
Abandoned homes back into use is an excellent way to resolve issues associated with housing crises in London. Empty houses are an opportunity for people who want to live in their own homes.
The problem is that people do not often report empty houses. So, the surplus of vacant properties affects the housing market financially, leading to a deteriorated local economy. Reporting more empty homes can make the housing problems easier to tackle and solve. However, people in the UK need to report more empty houses to tackle the housing shortage and balance the supply and demand.
How to Report an Empty Home - Youspotproperty

Final Words: How To Report An Empty Home – Youspotproperty

The government needs to ensure maximizing the use of housing stock, especially in London, where the demand is the highest. In areas where the demand for housing is relatively lower, the government needs to make efforts and understand the reasons for the low demand.
That way, the authorities, including local councils, can take corrective actions and bring the properties back into use. On the other hand, Sell House Fast Group encourages people to spot and report an empty house to earn a reward and help the company bring the property back into use. How to report an empty home – youspotproperty is the best article for empty house owners.
If you have spotted a vacant or abandoned home, contact Sell House Fast Group today via email or phone 0208 050 5156, we pay a £1000 referral fee on all properties that we purchase.
If you are not interested in going through the hassle and stress of waiting on the open market, Sell House Fast Group can help. To get started, fill in the form on our website here Sell House Fast Group or call us today on 0208 050 5156 for a Free Online Valuation.

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