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How To Sell Property At Allsop Auction London

How To Sell Property At Allsop Auction London
How to sell your property at Allsop Auction London? Research shows that auctions are one of the most popular forms of selling residential and commercial properties. Many people think that it is a fast-paced process. However, it requires careful and solid planning or preparation.
Many people in London ask: what is an auction and how to sell my property at Allsop Auction London, the most reputable company in the UK. Today’s article will answer these questions and give you some of the most practical tips to streamline the entire process. Read on!
Auctions are public sales conducted by a licensed company or auctioneer, such as Allsop Auction London. Bear in mind that strict rules, regulations, and laws govern auctions in London. Besides, companies advertise auctions for a specific place, date, and time.
Prospective buyers bid for homes or commercial buildings, and the one that places a higher bid buys the house. Because Allsop Auction London sets the auction for a specific period. It creates urgency for potential buyers as they must the property or loses the opportunity.


Allsop Auction London – Find A Reliable Property Auctioneer

Now that you understand the auction process let us tell you how to sell your property at Allsop Auction London. Finding a reliable and experienced property auctioneer is the first step to start the process.
Your residential property is the most valuable asset for you. It is crucial to find the best property auctioneer and work together to increase your chances of selling your property for a higher profit.
Although choosing a property auctioneer is your personal decision. you can interview a few prospective property auctioneers, gain information by asking questions, and compare results to choose the best property auctioneer. We recommend asking the following questions while interviewing a property auctioneer:


  • Are you a licensed property auctioneer?
  • Are you familiar with the local market?
  • How many years of experience do you have in the local London market?
  • Do you have experience selling through Allsop Auction London?
  • Can you show me your recent sales?
  • Can you give me a local market report?
It is crucial to ask the property auctioneer these questions, record the answers, and compare the results. That way, you can choose the best auctioneer. However, it would help if you asked yourself a few questions, such as:
  • Which property auctioneer feels the most trustworthy, reliable, and approachable?
  • Which one supplied me with references or referrals?
  • Are they professional and experienced?
  • Can they outline the marketing activities and give me accurate figures?
You can also become a secret shopper and observe the agent’s work in the auction. That way, you can determine whether the property auctioneer you want to choose is professional and reliable enough to streamline the selling process.


Allsop Auction London – Run A Marketing Campaign

It is crucial to create and run an effective marketing campaign when selling your property by auction. Remember, you must understand when you think about your marketing strategy. The purpose is to ensure your residential property gets complete attention in London’s highly competitive market.
Allsop Auction London will create a solid marketing plan for your house after discussing the matters with you at the start of the campaign. Making such an investment will expose your home to more prospective buyers.
Allsop Auction London will advertise your property online and offline. Bear in mind that mixed marketing (offline and online) attracts more prospective buyers, increases demand for your house, and allows you to set higher prices. We will consider:


Professional Photography

Because most prospective buyers will see your residential property for the first time, Allsop Auction London will take professional photographs of your house to grab the buyer’s attention. Research shows that videos are also an effective way to market your property.



Property marketing requires you to focus on signboards because they are your 24/7 salesperson. Signboards allow you to showcase the best features of your house and attract local buyers to purchase your property.


Use Social Media

Digital marketing is the cornerstone of your marketing campaign, enabling you to promote your house on custom-built Instagram, Facebook, and other social media platforms. Allsop Auction London will ensure your property reaches the maximum number of potential buyers through social media platforms.


Property Portals

If you want to streamline the selling process at Allsop Auction London, make sure you advertise your house on local and national property portals. Research shows that over 97% of home buyers look at such platforms. So, these portals are an integral part of your marketing campaign. If you don’t know how to access property portals in London, Allsop can help in this regard.


Newspaper Advertising

Experts at Allsop Auction London recommend advertising your house in local and national newspapers. That way, you can reach both emotional and passive homebuyers who don’t usually look at properties but want to buy a house.


How To Sell Property At Allsop Auction London

Allsop Auction London – Set A Reserve Price

After successfully running your marketing campaign, it is time to set a reserve price. If you don’t know what a reserve price is, it is the minimum price you can set for your residential property. For example, if the bidding reaches the reserve price, you can easily sell your residential property to the highest bidder.
Allsop’s qualified and professional team can help you set the most accurate reserve price for your house – i.e., not too low and not too high, increasing your chances of attracting more buyers.
Remember, when you achieve bids above the reserve price, they are bonus money in your pocket. However, in some cases, the bidding does not go above the reserve price. In that case, our company will negotiate the sale between you and the interested buyers to ensure your house sells for a reasonable price. We will consider:


Your Initial Appraisal

At the beginning of the marketing or auction campaign, your property auctioneer would have performed your property’s appraisal. It is crucial to perform a comparative market analysis by looking at similar properties sold within the last three months. That way, you can get an accurate figure. Allsop Auction London usually considers the current competition, the market trends in London, and your house condition to set the reserve price.


Buyers’ Sentiment

Buyers’ sentiments are another factor to consider when setting a reserve price for your house. Allsop Auction London achieves higher sale prices because two or more buyers bid against each other to purchase the property. So, you can set the price based on the buyer’s sentiment.
Our professional team can find passionate buyers and analyze their purchasing patterns or attitudes. We can tell whether the buyer is willing to spend. Likewise, we will inform you about the buyer’s feelings.


Seek Professional Advice

Allsop Auction London has a team of professional marketers who can streamline the entire process. Their experienced team can advise you and conduct various procedures, such as hosting open homes, sending contracts, and following up with attendees after house inspections.
The team knows how much interest people have in your residential property. We can analyze both positive and negative feedback. The purpose of the thorough analysis is to help you make an informed decision without jumping to early conclusions.


Market Feedback

As a home seller, you must not get emotional or sentimental about your house. If you get emotional, you may risk the process and set an unrealistic reserve price. Therefore, it is crucial to discuss these matters with our professional team to review pre-auction offers and analyze the market feedback.
The course of the auction campaign is between four to six weeks. It means the property market in London can fluctuate during this time. Therefore, it is crucial to evaluate these changes when setting a reserve price for your house. Make sure you are in the market and not on the market.


Allsop Auction London – Expectations On Auction Day

The professional and experienced team at Allsop Auction London always advises home sellers to control their nerves and treat auction as an essential process. So, you must understand that you will sell your property in a specific time frame. When you focus on the process, you can streamline your house selling.
We recommended meeting their dedicated team of professionals before the auction. The purpose is to go through the auction day strategy, leading to an accurate setting of the reserve price for your house. Confirm the following critical information during this meeting:


  • Any offers and market feedback
  • Your house reserve price
  • The number of bidders you can expect to attend
  • How to communicate with our experts during the auction
  • What happens if your property fails to sell?
  • What happens if you fail to meet the reserve price?

Pre-Auction Inspection

The team will open your house for inspection to ensure all prospective buyers who take an interest in your property review your home. Allsop Auction London often has homebuyers who visit the auction for the first time.
Therefore, it is crucial to ensure your property look well-maintained, spotless, and well-presented to prospective buyers. Allsop Auction’s experience team will handle these tasks. Most sellers don’t know they might pick up buyers at the last minute.
If you don’t want to deter home buyers, make sure you show them your house and highlight the best features in your property. That way, you can convince the buyers to bid the highest on auction day.
How To Sell Property At Allsop Auction London

Start Of The Auction

The professional team will give details to prospective buyers about your property at the start of the auction. We will ensure the buyer receives details on the positive features of your house. At the same time, we will outline the local laws and settlement terms that apply to your property.



Bidding is an essential part of the auction process. The team will call for the opening bid and start controlling the flow of the bidding. The purpose is to encourage buyers to go higher. Bear in mind that each bidder decides how much they can pay, and you decide whether you can sell at that price.
Don’t get stressed or panicked if your house does not sell under the hammer. It is because you have enough knowledge about what the market will pay to buy your home. Likewise, Allsop Auction London will have a large database of potential buyers. Meaning our team will discuss with interested buyers and ensure selling your house for a higher profit.


Completion Of Sale

If the bidder reaches the reserve price during the auction, the hammer will sell your house to the highest bidder. The team will have the paperwork ready, and the winning bidder will sign the contract, pay a deposit of 10%. And congratulations, you have made a successful deal.


Allsop Auction London – Final Words

The primary role of Allsop Auction London is to control the public negotiation process where prospective buyers compete with each other to purchase your property. We will ensure the process takes place smoothly, orderly, and in an organized and legal manner.
Our experienced team stands out from the rest because they make the home buyers feel more comfortable throughout the auction.
They follow a step-by-step approach. For instance, the team will introduce itself before the auction starts and announce the terms and conditions. Next, they will give a detailed description of your house and highlight its valuable features.
Remember that emotions and sentiments often drive auctions, but their team knows how to take the stress out of this process by making the sellers and buyers feel more comfortable.
They can get the best out of the potential buyers and ensure the seller achieves the highest selling price. If you want to sell your property quickly without any complications, you can rely on Allsop Auction London.
If you are thinking about selling your property at auction Sell House Fast Group can help. We are partnered with all the major auction houses in London and the UK. Our group can help you enter your property into the auction with the correct valuation and reserve price to maximize your sale. We can also help you to avoid paying both auction costs and fees.
If you are not interested in going through the hassle and stress of waiting on the open market, Sell House Fast Group can help. To get started, fill in the form on our website here Sell House Fast Group or call us today on 0208 050 5156 for a Free Online Valuation.

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