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Property Guardianship London For Property Owners - How Does It Work

Property Guardianship London for Property Owners
Property guardianship London for property owners – How does it work? Everything explains what you need to Want. Property Guardian London offers a wide range of benefits to homeowners. The guardian helps prevent the harsh consequences of empty homes or apartments. The guardian receives an affordable place to live in a posh London area.
Property guardianship is an excellent option for homeowners who want to protect their houses from getting damaged over time. So, you grant a flexible, shared, and affordable living space to a property guardian, and in return, they protect your home from:
  • Squatters
  • Vandalism
  • Anti-social behavior

The Importance Of Property Guardian London

The United Kingdom is going through the worst housing crises, and the average rents have increased up to 40% in London. There are over 22,000 empty houses in London because most people can’t afford to live as tenants in a home.
The housing crises in the UK lead to harsh consequences for residential property owners. That’s why they look for alternative solutions. Property guardianship in London is thriving because guardians pay a license fee to occupy a home or building.
The purpose is to secure the home and prevent it from structural damages. Because property guardians are not tenants, they have some legal rights. However, you can’t have any person as a property guardian London.
It is crucial to get in touch with a reputable company that offers property guardianship services. That way, you can protect and secure your property without worrying about structural damages, HVAC issues, plumbing problems, electricity, and insulation.
A reputable company makes substantial efforts and performs various inspections before property guardians live in your home. That way, the guardian takes care of your property and ensures your house remains secure.
Bear in mind that a guardian is not a person who pays cheap rent. A property guardian London is a socially-minded person who wants to live in a posh area. Not only does a property guardian plays a crucial role in maintaining the local economy, but they also fill empty houses to ensure high-level protection of your home.
Many companies in London offer property guardianship services. However, not all of them are reliable and cost-effective. Therefore, choosing a licensed company with many years of experience in the guardianship sector is wise.


How Does Property Guardian London Work?

Property guardianship is an emerging sector in the UK. A reputable company with experienced and professional guardians focuses on top-level security and protection of empty homes. Unlike tenants, property guardians undergo thorough selection and background checks.
The purpose is to ensure proper management of your home. So, a property guardian London adheres to the company’s quality management system and focuses on homeowner’s requirements.
When you are interested, the property guardianship company will arrange a visit to see if your home is suitable enough for the guardian.
If your property requires repairs, the company may ask you to carry out a few projects. As a property owner, you will have to grant the company a protection agreement for the house. Moreover, you and the company have the right to enter the house or apartment at all times.
There is no set period of contract. Property guardianship is an excellent option for homeowners with empty houses, leading to substantial financial benefits. Guardianship is also valuable for owners whose homes take a long time to sell. Here is how property guardianship works.


Property Guardianship Vs. Renting

It is crucial to understand the difference between property guardianship and renting. Although property guardians have license agreements to reside in specific residential or commercial properties, their primary focus is safeguarding the property.
For instance, a property guardian protects your property against intruders and looks for structural and maintenance issues. A property guardian must deter squatters, intruders, and criminals whose primary target is empty homes.
On the other hand, a tenant occupies and possesses your home throughout the tenancy period when you rent your property. Unlike a property guardian who signs a license agreement, a tenant signs a lease.
The tenant pays you the rent, whereas a guardian pays a license fee. You can give a two-month eviction notice to the tenant. In contrast, the guardian receives 28 days’ notice. In addition, a property guardian London is familiar with the building’s structure and performs thorough inspections from time to time to identify issues.
Unlike tenants, guardians do not have exclusive possession of your home, meaning you can enter the property at any time. However, the Protection from Eviction Act 1977 still covers property guardians in the UK. It means you can’t send them a notice period under 28 days. It is unlawful and may lead to legal consequences.


Preparing The Property

A property guardianship company will perform a thorough health and safety inspection of your home before the guardian occupies it. A reputable company has accredited and licensed contractors who follow the laws associated with Statutory and Regulatory Compliance to carry out any repair projects.
So, when you hire an experienced company, they will clean your property and make it habitable for occupation. For example, the company will perform HVAC maintenance, interior, and exterior painting, electricity repair, recalibration of the drainage system, install new insulation, etc.
That way, your home is fully prepared, allowing the guardian to live comfortably. At the same time, the repair work or improvement projects maintain your house and reduce the risk of structural damages. So, property guardianship is a win-win scenario for both homeowners and the guardian company.


Selection Of The Guardian: Property Guardianship London For Property Owners – How Does It Work

The reason why we recommend hiring services of a reputable and experienced company is that it follows a step-by-step approach when selecting guardians. The aim is to choose individuals with no criminal record and experience taking care of residential properties.
So, as a homeowner, you will have peace of mind that your property is in safe hands. The company registers guardians after performing a thorough background check. The vetting process is essential to ensure the guardian meets your specific requirements and carries out their responsibilities adequately.
After selecting a guardian, the company will give details on different properties. The guardian may also visit various properties to choose a home that best suits their needs. When a guardian applicant passes the vetting process, the company will assign them to property and ensure they move within 5-7 days.


Property Management

A property guardian assigned by the company will make substantial efforts to maintain your home. The company performs several inspections bi-monthly or monthly to ensure the living space is in good working order.
The purpose is to know whether the guardian meets the health and safety regulations. If there is a problem, the guardian can contact the company. A maintenance team will follow up and ensure your property have no issues.
Although the guardian enjoys living in a luxurious and flexible space, they supervise and coordinate building maintenance. Depending on your requirements and the license agreement between you and the property guardian London, the person living in your house will perform periodic maintenance, including:
  • Inspections
  • Adjustments
  • Cleaning
  • Repairs
  • Replacements
Bear in mind that these projects are crucial for the proper functioning of all the systems in your house. So, you have peace of mind that your property remains secure. Besides, this also reduces the risk of costly emergencies.


Duties Of Property Guardian London

There are numerous advantages of having a property guardian in London. A property guardian benefits homeowners by protecting their empty residential homes from squatter and vandalism. However, property guardians also receive benefits in return – i.e., they live in an affordable house in their desired locations.
If you want to get the most out of property guardianship, make sure you hire services from a reputable company. The company has registered guardians who work professionally to maintain your property and secure the living space from criminals and anti-social behavior.
The primary duty of a property guardian in London is to maintain and protect the property. For example, this involves inspecting the property, diagnosing issues, and reporting them to the company during their stay.
Depending on the license agreement, a property guardian in London may or may not undertake essential maintenance work, such as HVAC, plumbing, electricity, water management, or maintenance.
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Property Protection: Property Guardianship London For Property Owners – How Does It Work

Property guardians do not only protect residential properties, but they also take care of commercial properties, including offices, vacant shops, etc. You can use a property guardian to protect your home or any other vacant building and gain financial benefits.
Not only do property guardians provide state-of-the-art protection from squatting and anti-social behavior, but they also protect expensive equipment in your house, including HVAC components, plumbing fixtures, bathroom accessories, kitchen items, etc.


Building Maintenance

Building maintenance involves cleaning, repairs, and safety checks. Routine maintenance issues reporting involves building walkthroughs, regular cleaning, HVAC filter cleaning or replacements, and reactive reporting informing the guardianship company about drain clogs, appliance failures, and flooding.
The property guardian London has the duty to maintain the overall environment of your home. It means ensuring your home is always clean and the appliances are in optimal working order.
The property guardian assigns regular cleaning tasks to achieve cleanliness or report the issue to the homeowner or guardianship company. For example, a property guardian London notices a leak coming from the ceiling. In that case, the guardian submits a repair or maintenance request to the guardianship company or the homeowner.
The guardian will follow the rules mentioned in the license agreement and take the steps accordingly. The property guardian notifies the company and requests for assigning a technician. Once the technician finds a solution, they contact a plumbing company to fix the problem immediately. Keep in mind that this process may take hours or days.
However, a reputable guardianship company always ensures hiring an experienced professional to fix the leak immediately. The company has a strong network of contractors, meaning they can communicate effectively to hire a professional and fix the problem quickly. That’s how a property guardian maintains your home.


More Savings For Property Owners

A property guardian is an efficient and affordable way for homeowners to ensure the physical protection of their house. Unlike other protection methods, such as CCTV cameras, alarm systems, etc., that involve many upfront tasks, a property guardian pays you a license fee and lives in your house, ensuring adequate protection.
Research shows that the average savings a homeowner can get per week is around £2,000. Remember, this is much more affordable than hiring a professional guard. If you have a commercial building and a property guardian occupies it, you can save up to 50% on insurance premiums.
So, you can save a lot of money by using a property guardianship company to protect your empty home or office building. Moreover, property guardianship is an affordable way to maintain your vacant property because the guardian considers your home as their home and takes care of it like a homeowner.
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Relieved Taxes: Property Guardianship London For Property Owners – How Does It Work

Council taxes are one of the most significant problems for homeowners with vacant properties. However, when you use a property guardian, you can relieve taxes for your vacant residential properties.
It is because the guardian or Guardianship Company is liable to pay council taxes. Not only do you have peace of mind regarding your home protection, but you also save a lot of money by not paying council taxes.


Property Guardian London – Final Words

Property guardianship is a practical, reliable, and affordable method for homeowners to protect, manage, and maintain their vacant properties. It involves placing a temporary occupational licensee who safeguards your home or office building.
The purpose is to prevent criminals from intruding on your home and ensure your property does not experience structural damages and devaluation. If you plan to sell your house in the future for a higher profit, it is better to use a property guardian London instead of tenants. A property guardian is responsible for your home maintenance and management.
On the other hand, a tenant may not take care of your property appropriately and usually complains about any issues. Lastly, we recommend hiring services of a guardianship company because they are professional, experienced, and licensed. That way, you will have increased peace of mind.
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